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Take-Along Checklist

     When you are getting ready to go to a barrel race, clinic or rodeo itís no time to leave anything to chance. Take a few minutes now to sit down and mentally go over everything you do, from the time you leave until you get home. Think about the last time you were at a barrel race. Was there anything you forgot that you really needed? Write down every item and piece of equipment you use. That way, you will have your own personal checklist for winning. Remember to CHECK and RECHECK before you leave. Make sure you personally see that you have everything you need. Donít count on your partner, then get to the barrel race without some important piece of equipment because each of you ďthought the other one picked it up!Ē Hereís a list to help you think of items you need on your own list. Reading it will probably help you think of even more!

    What are you planning to wear to compete in, hat, boots, shirt, pants, belt, extra pair of pants and shirt (you never know when an accident can happen-a spilt drink, tear, etc.), raincoat, jacket, spurs.

Registration Papers
Health Papers-Coggins Papers
Saddle and Pad
Over and Under or Bat
Front and Back Cinches, Breastcollar, Headgear (competition and warm-up, and extra bridle)
Tie-Down and Tie-Down Strap
Leg Protection such as Overreach Boots, Combination Boots (front and rear)
Rubber Bands
Shin Guards
Good strong halter and lead
Hoof Pick
Brushes and other grooming materials you use
Blanket or sheet for cooling and protection show Rambo Blankets
Buckets (feed and water)
Hay-bag and hay
Feed (having individual feeding already measured and in grocery sacks is always handy)
Shovel or pitchfork (for keeping trailer clean)
Fist Aid Supplies (including leg wraps, vet wrap, cotton pads, peroxide, alcohol, liniments, leg brace, poultice, a wound dressing medication, scissors; you want to be prepared if a horse strains a muscle or tendon, or get injured in any way. Depending on your experience, you might also carry needles, syringes and a painkiller such as Butazolidin or Banamine, in case of colic or pain; and Acepromazine, to tranquilize a horse in case of an accident and Hy-Flex for joints. Fly spray (even if you are not having any pest problems at home; sometimes you can go to a show and so many horses together seems to have caused a fly problem; mosquitoes are also bad at some places and since diseases are transmitted by insects, donít take any chances)
Towel and washcloth
Extra horseshoes (sooner or later you will lose a shoe and itís hard to find those right shoes when you are on the road)
Water hose

Insect repellent for people
Spar tires for truck and trailer picture of Marthaís truck and trailer
Tire changing equipment (jack, lug wrench, etc.)
Extra sets of keys to truck and trailer
Black electrical tape
Road Atlas
Leather hole punch
Safety pins
Paper Towels

     After you have made your own personal checklist, put it up somewhere where you HAVE to see it when you are getting ready to leave for the barrel races. Some people post them inside their tack room door and other on the inside of the trailerís tack compartment. Put yours wherever it will help you the most and be most easily seen, and then USE it. Donít ever let yourself be disadvantaged at a barrel race by not having some equipment or supplies you should have brought with you. When you get yourself organized and have brought everything you need by using your checklist, you will be prepared and have plenty of time to ENJOY YOUR WINS!