We want to showcase YOU!

If you are a former Josey student be sure to keep us updated on all barrel racing and calf roping achievements!

We love hearing from all of our Josey Students, whether you win BIG or just have a good run. Here are a few from this past weekend!!

Paiten Williams –
2017 Newberry, Florida Team Josey Clinic

The Josey clinic in Newberry Florida, Aculife / Icewave was a hit! And YES, a Aculife patched horse WON the barrel race Sunday evening. Paiten Williams was on Ellie boy and her father, Kirk Williams was one proud daddy. After Team Josey works and the Aculife patching on Ellie boy we took 2 seconds of his run from Friday to Sunday! As always Team Josey Ty & Lisa Mitchel and Gary Arthur did a great job www.aculifenow.com/joseyranch

Jamye Sutherland, Pasadena, TX –
2016 Thanksgiving Clinic

    “After attending the Thanksgiving clinic for my granddaughter, I'm not sure where to begin. We were so excited before we even arrived, and as we pulled up the drive by the trophy room I actually got emotional. Casssadie Newell my granddaughter is both a novice with a new horse, so we were anxious, nervous and all the emotions imaginable, rolled into one big ball of "WOW."
    I can't express enough how thankful we are that we attended. It was a dream come true. The treatment we received by each and every staff member, and instructor was amazing and so positive. The information Cassadie learned and retained was amazing. We had a bumpy start on her first run but to receive the award for the most improved rider and win a Martha Josie halter was just more than we imagined! I was very emotional through out the whole process but that put me over the top! I can't thank you enough for your special treatment of my granddaughter and your positive reinforcement. I keep hearing that calming, sweet voice, "Whoa...Saddle Horn...look up..." LOL!
    You and R.E.have placed God first in your life and your operations and he has truly blessed you., and now us. Arriving home tired,.sleepy, after the long drive, Cassadie remarked, "I wish I was still there, didn't want to leave! The only thing I can say I wish you had is an enclosed "great room" with a fire place and couches for people to meet and visit during the short breaks. We met so many wonderful people and shared information. It may not be a good idea though, we might never
leave! Thank you so very much, I feel like we were in the presence of greatness this weekend.
They need to make a movie of you and R.E.'s life...it would be very inspiring!
With deepest gratitude and respect.
Jamye D. Sutherland “

Mary Sluga-Eau Claire, WI –
    “ I was worried about my age and future in barrel racing and riding. But thanks to you I no longer feel afraid. Martha you have given me my life back. You are such an inspiration. I have hope and feel happy. God Bless You. “

Becky Aker-Hernando, MS –
    “I want you to know, my granddaughter Lauren Aker and I had a wonderful experience. I am 70 and have anxiety attacks in the alleyway. I believe Ty and others have helped my overcome this fear by telling me “Let him go as he (the horse) does what you ask.”  I have so much more confidence, I want to return next year for a refresher course. My granddaughter is on the college rodeo team and she too learned so much at the school. She is doing better at the rodeos!”

Katy Haas-Clinton, IL –
   “I just wanted to share how much I have improved since your clinic in Cloverdale, IN. I have had Dash about a year and we have come a long way. This past weekend we were Novice Champion at Blackhawk College Spring Speed Series.”

Brandi Gibson- Erwinville, LA –
   “ I was recently at the Easter Clinic and received a pocket cross. I was totally caught off guard by it as I have been too many cowboy services outside of my own cowboy church and have never been given anything of sentimental value (to me). I would like to know where y’all purchase the crosses from so I can haul them with me and hand them out. I felt that besides Mr. RE & Ms Martha taking time to mentor each of us at the clinic, it was special to have the brief one on one meet and greet at the end of the clinic and to be handed a cross. Thank You! And God Bless each of you and the ranch!”

Ashley Hudson – Linden, IN –
   “Just wanted to send out a big thank you. I went to the Cloverdale clinic with my good barrel horse. I had been having a little trouble with him cheating on the 3rd barrel. Turns out, as soon as he started to drop in, I made it way worse by twisting in the saddle. I hadn’t realized I was doing it until you all filmed me and we discussed it. I had been having a pretty successful year before this problem started. Last weekend I went barrel racing. We were so fast and he was running so hard we even had a fall on the back side of the first. I shut him down to check him out and make sure he was ok. He bit me he was so mad I wouldn’t let him finish the pattern(and it was for his own safety)! We came back to win the Open! We beat the top horse in the state (before I could only beat this horse when he hit barrels and he didn’t hit one that day!). The pictures of my second barrel were incredible. My horse was the lowest I had ever seen him working like a pro. I was sitting dead center, my hands super quiet in about a 4 inch box around my saddle horn, thumbs up, eyes looking for the third and my horse was already locked on it….THANK YOU! I didn’t need a ton of work..but those little suggestions you guys gave me in Cloverdale in February are making such a huge impact on my riding. My horse is breathing fire when we come in  and I’m having to think less about doing what I need to do. It’s starting to become habit and my horse is running better because of it. I was worried about falling out of the top ten 1D when I came to you guys. I’m pretty sure the points from last weekend put me in the top 5. Worth every penny! Thank you for spending that time with me. I will be back. You all are fantastic. Lots of love from Indiana!”

Vicki Gallaher-Clintonville, WV –
   “My daughter and her friend just completed the Dillsburg, PA clinic this weekend. We had a wonderful time, learned so much and really appreciate the instructors. Diamond 7 Arena is a wonderful place and the clinic was just fabulous. We definitely plan to attend again. Thanks so much for all you do.”

Patton Ann Lynch wins the Ogden 8 & Under with the average, and winning her FIRST SADDLE.

Terryn Harvey wins her age group in the barrels at the Commerce FFA Rodeo!

Kincaid Henry wins the Commerce FFA Rodeo! He won the all around winning a saddle and a horse trailer!!

Congrats to Lauren Aker, from Mississippi, she attended the 7 day BR School.
I want you to know, my granddaughter, Lauren Aker, and I had a wonderful experience. I am 70 and have anxiety attacks in the alleyway. I believe Ty and others have helped me overcome this fear." Let him go as he (the horse) does what you ask." I have so much more confidence, I want to return next year for a refresher course. My granddaughter is on the college rodeo team, and she too learned so much at the school. She is doing better at the rodeos.
Thanks to everyone at the ranch for all the patience they have with everyone.
Becky and Lauren Aker 


Where there is a will, there is a way.

When I started barrel racing, I had no arena, no cowboy boots, no barrel racing saddle and no entry fee money. But I hunted up three old trash cans and put them on a little spot of ground in my grandmother's meadow. Grandma's hay crop was not too good that year, but my barrel racing sure improved!

Being a goal setter is a must for every barrel racer. You've got to WANT the win! You have to set the goal, want it and then go for it.

Keep These Simple Principles In Mind So You Will Enjoy Your Barrel Racing

  1. Be prepared. Do your homework and then let your training work for you.

  1. Back off when things are not going as you have planned. This will allow you to gain the proper perspective needed to find the solution to your problems.

  1. Convert mistakes into learning opportunities.

  1. Haul with people who enjoy the sport and make it enjoyable for you.