Bits to Build on


    The Josey Mitchell gag bits are ones we like to encourage riders to use during practice as well as to use as a step up bit from an O-Ring.

    These gag bit come in three mouth pieces. The reason for this is that not every horse’s mouth is as sensitive as others. Some horses have a stiffer feel to them. You can chose bits during the week to help correct your horse’s weaknesses. The stiffer the horse the more breaks in the bit needed. A chain mouth piece isolates pressure to the corner of the mouth you apply pressure on which is great for a horse that feels stiffer. A 3 piece dog bone still has some good bend in it like the chain but it also works on the horse’s bars of his mouth and has a little more whoa as well. It is a great bit for average horses. A Smooth Snaffle is generally the mouth piece horses are usually started with. The 2 piece gag bit is for the sensitive mouth horses.

    Keep in mind when stepping up from an O-Ring to a gag bit, your horse will be introduced to curb chain pressure. You want to fit 2-3 fingers in between the curb and chin and you want to adjust the bit to have a good wrinkle/smile in the corners of his mouth. For your sensitive horses, you can replace the curb chain with leather or a string. Always be patient the first few days you use a new bit so that your horse can get use to it.