Drink Anyone?

As we watch the Olympics there is one thing every athlete has in common, they are hydrated. Hydration is important for circulation which helps muscle and brain function. Horses that are dehydrated will be sluggish and can suffer muscle cramps. Severe dehydration can lead to colic or tying up.

When I was traveling my number one goal was to ensure my horses drank well. If a horse stops drinking, they stop eating and everything rolls downhill from there. I always squirted water into my horse’s mouth at stops while they were in the trailer and would wet their hay.  

There are several great tools available ensure your horse’s electrolyte levels are balanced. The Equiwinner Patches help a horse’s system to work properly. The patches are designed to be used as a 10 day series of treatments. Equiwinner’s research has shown that once horses have completed the 10 day treatment program, there are improvements in bleeders, head shakers, sweating and horses that are known to tie up.

I used to go as far as flavoring my horses water with Kool-Aid packets to keep them drinking. Today we have great products like the convenient travel water hose filter Horse Hydrator. It immediately filters the water for strange smells, bad tastes and removing many chemicals that are in so many public water systems.

Because we are asking these horses to be athletes and to give us 110%, we should be going out of our way to help them feel their best. While it’s not uncommon for most horses to drink less when traveling, we now have more ways today to combat dehydration.  Do your best to keep them hydrated by drinking and success will come much easier!