One Wrong Step.

I am a firm believer in prevention. For this reason anyone who saw my horses when I was competing, would see that they had leg protection on at all times while traveling, standing at the trailer, or being ridden. When you begin to familiarize yourself with a horse’s anatomy, you will see all the precious tendons a horse has on the back of his leg. A wrong step out of the trailer, a kick from another horse or hitting a barrel, can set you back months in competing or possibly even end his career.

For hauling and stalling I used my no bows and standing wraps with a soothing gel underneath to draw any soreness out. Whether I’m just training or competing, I always put my Professional Choice combination & overreach boots on prior to warming up. Immediately following my horse’s run, I remove them and rinse his legs. Once dry his no bows go right back on.

Many time people fear wrapping legs because if done wrong it can injure your horse. Back on Track has a product called Quick Wraps that are easy to put on and provide great protection. Besides the protection of the wraps, they offer Ceramic therapy to the leg. Because it promotes increased circulation, it is great for taking out stiffness and soothing aching joints. I prefer to use them in the winter and at night alternating them with my standing wraps for the warmer days. While I am big on using liniments, I only use and recommend ones that are safe to use under wraps and other areas of my horse like Draw It Out. You never want to blister your horse.

Leg wrapping is so important to me that we have a class at every Josey clinic.  My students learn about caring for their horse’s legs, how to wrap and choosing the best products. I believe it is a key part of helping your horse to perform his absolute best