Leg Protection

    There are a lot of different types of sport boots out there but you have to be careful when buying the cheaper brands. When buying leg protection you want to make sure it is a good quality product. When looking for the proper leg care you have to keep in mind what you are protecting. In a horse’s leg there are very important tendons and bones that we need to protect from the rigors of barrel racing. The horse’s legs take a beating when you ask them to run at high speeds and turn at the same time. 

Frequently at my clinics I’m asked what my preference is when it comes to proper leg protection. I run all my horses in Professional Choice boots. I use front and rear boots giving the most protection I can to my horse’s legs. I also use their no turn bell boots which gives my horse’s hoof protection. You see a lot of barrel racers using just front boots but you cannot forget the rear boots. Horses use their hind end in for to push off from the barrels.

Professional Choice boots provides the best protection to my horses’ legs. They are made with the best materials and last for years. Their boot provides support not only to the tendons in the leg, but also provides support to my horse’s ankle.  With the three straps and the ankle strap it provides even pressure across the whole leg which gives it support. There are a lot of boots out there on the market but you need to do some research before buying them. Some boots do not give the amount of support needed for your horse to be safe. When buying boots for your horse, ask yourself would I want this on my legs and would it give me the support I need?

Remember to clean your boots after every use. I like to use a brush to get all the dirt and sand out of the boots. You want your horse to feel comfortable when they have their boots on. You can even wash your boots in the washing machine to keep them looking their best.

Leg protection should be on top of your list when buying equipment for your horses. I use Professional Choice boots because I like the way they give support and protection to all four of my horse’s legs. They come in all different styles and colors which allows me and my horse to look our best. When I go into the arena, I can feel confident that my horse’s legs are safe while running and look good doing it.