When looking at a finished horse you should request some videos and performance records if the horse has them. When we people bring us horses to sell, we don’t keep horses that run up the fence, refuse to turn,or rear. You should also ask about his medical history. Does he crib? Has he had any surgeries? Has he ever had joint injections etc. You should ask the owners if he has any bad habits such as refusing to go in the alley way. When you try a horse, you should warm them up and get a feel for them, to see if they are sound and for his disposition. When trying a horse, we like to send them to the first barrel and if they don’t turn we don’t take them. It doesn’t have to be a perfect turn, but they need to not duck off, run up the fence etc. When buying a horse you want to be able to run one to the first barrel and expect them to turn.

    When buying a new horse, it is the responsibility of the buyer to have the horse vet checked. We always recommend getting a horse vet checked by the veterinarian of the buyers choosing. A thorough vet check will let you know if there are any hidden injuries that weren’t disclosed or possibly the seller was unaware of. It also is a way to find out if there are potential issues that could come up in the future. You should be confident when you buy a horse that it’s going to be a long term investment.  You want to make sure this is the horse that you want to partner with long term.   If you don’t fit with the horse, then you should keep looking. You and the horse should be a team so you can go win.  Try to not get caught up in how pretty or not pretty the horse is. You are looking for a working partner so soundness and attitude is critical. There is always a lot to be said for gut instinct. Be sure you don’t have any doubts when making a purchase.  Purchasing a horse is an expensive investment and you need to be a perfect match in order to ensure long term success. My book Run to Win With Me also has some great suggestions it. Happy Hunting!

    First thing you should look at when evaluating a new horse, is its conformation and the way it travels. You want a horse that has clean legs and feet. When you watch the horse travel, you want him to reach underneath himself with his back legs. A horse that reaches far underneath themselves will have longer stride. A lower hocked horse will be able to get in the ground better than a horse with higher hocks. You want a horse that has a short back with a long underline.  If you are looking at prospects, you should ask to see them move in a round pen or on a lounge line. Always have the horse travel straight to and away from you as well. You want a horse that will be able to move and be athletic.

Happy Customers Jill and Lauren Mancha with Cheryl and Ty at the ranch!

Purchasing your next horse

    When purchasing your next barrel horse, there is a lot to consider and questions you should ask. Finding your next horse can be hard and confusing. There are many things you should consider when going to look and try a new horse. Here at the Ranch we offer horses for sale that will accommodate many budgets and riding skills. You need to find out what kind of style you like to ride, whether it is a push or a free running style horse. Are you looking for a kid horse, jackpot horse, fun horse, or pro rodeo horse?